(This is the final entry on the same single post that, to try to keep page 14 ongoing maybe until the first business day after July 4, I began at Don’s blog at Stormfront on June 16 with the title: TWIRLING CIGARETTE SMOKE SIGNALS: EARO NOT EURO DEAL WITH IT. It follows Mott the Hoople LIVE on October 1, 2009, video. )

YES! And here is MY Hunter "Hammersmith" post already known to Sen. Dodd that I just submitted in 2 parts to Sen. Sessions for eventual posting at Republican Youtube Scotus. (If the perverted Jack Boot / Kelso New Civil War Clarke plants from here try to argue against this THERE I will call them such and post my IRON HARP, Annotated, against them THERE :

1) So Kagan studies Sharia law, which was written so the Prophet could govern in Medina and Mecca as also Head of State 1300 years ago, and which has almost NOTHING to do with timeless and honorable mandates and ethics of the Holy Koran which were philosophically abstracted HERE today by the work of Ayn Rand, particularly "Atlas Shrugged", which I GUARANTEE you this hack babysitter coverupper for the criminally insane, Kagan who was never even a Judge before, is still trying to defile and defame.
2) I don’t think even Obama wants her confirmed. But since she represents the loudest political reason since Janet Reno why there are Muslims still poised to hate us, which Ayn Rand proves they have NO real reason to do, I truly think our lawyer President, who could not want to destroy the appearance of propriety required of all Justices especially on the Supreme Court, just wanted her opinionated offensiveness forced into words on the Senate Floor. Are there any Matt Hale emails?




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