Tough PLUS two burning copies of “The 9-11 Commission Report” on 9-10, PLACED LIKE A CROSS, in front of the Waldheimdoll “Church”, FROM INSIDE MY CAR WITHOUT ME EVEN LEAVING MY CAR, and PLUS dodo Youtube blocking the 7 minute MUSIC VIDEO of it!!!





Positively World Trade Center #7:

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MONDAY, 9/13/2010:

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Humans must continue exploring space, if only for the romance of
it, and time travel should be possible, but engineers will have to
figure out a way to warp space-time to be sure, famed physicist Stephen
Hawking says.

Hawking spoke out on those subjects and others in a Sunday interview
with Parade Magazine to discuss his new book “The Grand Design” with
Caltech physicist Leonard Mlodinow.


Wrote the following whole Duke-lose short story (makes a good movie) on 9-14, yesterday, after David spoke nonstop for 8 minutes, while not even noticeably breathing, on Derek’s radio show… while Derek on the road never showed up so Don ran it.  David’s rapper “theme”, on route to DC, was to try to say civil rights are consumer fraud which is absolutely not true:

copyright c 2010 by joannekesqsaynrandspace

Chapter One

Ellsworth Waldheim hated music. He also hated computers, TV and Radio.

He lived alone and he really liked only newspapers he could hold and
read wherever whenever. But there were never enough local papers with
enough editions for Ellsworth. So in his apartment he had two computers
as well as two TV’s and several radios so that he never missed a
breaking news story as it was happening.

What bothered Ellsworth most, however, was finding out quite by accident
that despite the recent Digital Millennium Copyright Act some people
were still able to claim fair use and fair comment to get away with
using rock music to ridicule breaking news stories even before he
learned about them from his trusted newspaper and online news and on air
news sources.

He could not get over THAT when it began and he had no idea how it
happened that someone had already written a whole rock song ridiculing
South Africa for temporarily locking out the Dalai Lama by denying him a
Visa in early March, 2009, when no one in the American Press even
reported it until March 21.

Chapter Two

It had made Ellsworth feel dizzy as well as angry for several months
afterward, also toward the person on TuTube that had concocted the
“Volcanic Breaking News” rock video of Bob Dylan’s “Memphis Blues Again” that he accidentally found through a news search engine
about the story he had never even heard of before.

And even though the Alaska volcano that erupted a week after the muted Visa denial did calm down after China said it would check all of its South Africa accounts for overcharges for this so-called favor that China never asked for, Ellsworth continued to see several MDs for several months until June.

But he eventually found that
the only way he could really stop being dizzy was to follow through on
an idea that had sort of just popped into his head in the middle of his
initial responses to his immediate aggravation.

He decided to write a short book that he would basically fill with
copies of about a hundred forged documents tending to prove that George
Washington had never really fought for American Independence and truly
only wanted the 13 Colonies to be ruled by the Monarchs of Spain instead
of the Monarchs of England.

Chapter Three

Every time he thought about following through on the idea, the dizziness went away.

So Ellsworth Waldheim actually convinced himself that the whole idea was
actually TRUTH and so it would also have to be okay to forge a hundred
documents to prove it.

It did cost him some money having to track down a few samples of the
handwritings he needed and the letterheads used at the time.

But other than that, it was a really easy stack of one page worn out old
looking parchment type papers to accumulate for photostating, since he
would claim in his preface to the book that the photostats shown are
just copies he made decades ago of originals he had found as a teenager
in a trunk floating off the Florida Keys where he had gone on vacation
with his parents.

In the preface he would also say that he made the copies and kept the
originals still in the sealed trunk for a few months, thinking they
might be worth a lot of money if he was careful to keep them totally
secret and in the basement at home while maybe showing a few collectors
just one or two of the hundred photostats he always kept in his schoolbook briefcase.
But the trunk and all of its original contents had been totally burnt to
ashes in the fire that started in his basement and had actually
destroyed his whole house a few months later while he was still only 14
and able to rescue only his briefcase and a few favorite clothes from
his room.

It was a really easy stunt to fabricate. And since the dizziness never
returned after he began it, he was sure he was doing everyone a big

He was even more sure of that after he quickly found a publisher for the book which he titled “The George Washington Code”.

Chapter Four

The book was an instant best seller and seemed likely to remain so as long as he stayed away from too many media interviews.

Even though he really did go to the Florida Keys at age 14 and there
really was a fire that began in his basement and destroyed his house in
New Jersey a few months later, the problem was that people quickly began
to send him death threats which made him dizzy again and the media
wanted him to talk more about that.

And then the dizziness worsened when the news media explained the death
threats by saying that many teenage kids no longer wanted to study US
History even though kids in elementary school seemed more willing to
believe their teachers who invariably said that the whole book was just a
lie and that experts would check on all of it and soon prove that.

Meanwhile, he was making huge amounts of money on the book, which was
soon published internationally, even without him being interviewed or
lecturing anywhere.

So he decided to just travel incognito wherever possible and stay not
too long in any one place until he could figure out and find a place
where he could just safely hide for the rest of his life.

South Africans seemed to like him better than anyone anywhere else; but
he was afraid to even think WHY that seemed so obvious to him, given how
the dizziness began, and given the fact that while there he found out there is no South Cape Province because they have been treating land as water since the Boers first settled there around 1652. And so he had no idea if it was even true or
not that they really liked him … which made him dizzy again if he tried to think about it.

Chapter Five

Well, it did not even take a year.

He never had any idea that is absolutely NOT easy to forge something and
then just claim it is written by a Monarch or any in a Monarch’s formal
Ministry because meticulous records of all correspondence involving
Royal families and their governance are routinely kept practically
everywhere. And certainly not even ONE of the photostats he exhibited
had anything to do with anything in any archive anywhere in Spain.

Many people in America just wanted to kill him.

But then others said he had as many First Amendment Rights to lie, like about Ayn Rand, as anyone else

And THEN he felt really great.

He had not even noticed but throughout this whole time there had still
been some lingering dizziness which had never really disappeared until
people started speaking of his right to lie as protected Free Speech.
Only THEN did ALL the dizziness go away.

So he decided to admit it so he could keep feeling good and keep the money too.

But now even the Elementary School kids were upset and angry even at
their teachers and the teens through high school were not buying the
problem as “solved” either.

Chapter Six

Because the teachers agreed with them, the students were actually quite
tolerant for several days; but hardly anyone really wanted to study US
History until something more was done about all this and all the
teachers all over the country knew it.

Teachers also knew that they would be wrong to do nothing at all because
it would be like abandoning the students to their own devices on a
matter that should have a legal solution, and that is not what educators
are supposed to do.

So after several large Teachers’ Union meetings were held in various
parts of the country in less than a week, the teachers officially asked
the FBI that Ellsworth Waldheim be arrested for attempted corruption of
the morals of minors.

The students were ecstatic.

Chapter Seven

But the FBI would not do it and actually had the nerve to go on
television two days later and tell everyone, as the FBI, that in their
opinion no laws had been broken.

What happened in the next two days almost defies description except that
the teachers, this time with parents as well, again quickly came to the
rescue of millions of students of all ages, many of whom even seemed
unable to ever stop crying.

Very few teachers suggested a strike to force the FBI to make the arrest
they originally asked for and which they knew had to be proper if
presented to any Judge rather than to anyone else’s mere opinion. And
while a nationwide teacher’s strike would show a lot of power, it would
again deprive the students educationally and so was absolutely discarded
as an option.

Instead, the leaders of five regional Teacher’s Unions, with two very
wealthy parents who offered to pay for any unforseen expenses, quietly
and because he least expected it went to the home of Ellsworth Waldheim
as if to discuss the matter and, while there, made a Citizens’ Arrest.

Then they took him by car to a safe but initially undisclosed
comfortable location to await the official involvement of the US

Chapter Eight

Believe it or not one FBI agent, without the permission of the Attorney
General or even the permission of the FBI Director, went on a television
news show and started to say that the 7 teachers and parents would be
arrested for kidnapping … but the news media show host actually pushed
him out of the range of the camera and apologized for letting him try
to speak.

Then that same news show host showed a phone and said he would welcome
calls only from the Attorney General or the Solicitor General or FBI
Director and he also said that he had the permission of the News Station
owner to guarantee to the teachers and parents that they could bring
the arrested accused to a place the news station would provide so that
they would not feel so alone or be called kidnappers again.

It was only then that most people in America first learned, from the
news show host, that neither the FBI nor any of the US Attorneys who
work for the Department of Justice actually have any rights to such jobs
under the US Constitution, which provides only for a Solicitor General
to hire private counsel for matters as needed and for deputizing Federal
Marshals as needed.

And the show host also said that all FBI and DOJ employees, except for
the Director and Attorney General appointed by the President, could and
probably should be restricted to 30 or 40 month term limits rather than
assume they have the right and authority to say, as they did, that they
would not make the needed arrest because they did not see attempted
corruption of the morals of minors as breaking any laws.

He also started telling the story of how the FBI had done something like this before when they did not arrest Matt Hale on July 4, 1999, when he declared war on Courts and promised to riot his way into the Bar, and how they let him run loose for almost three years until he threatened to kill a Judge after 9-11.

And he also mentioned how the FBI just let go three medical students from Domenica who had made a Georgia woman and her son sick because they were celebrating 9-11, but did not seem to have any weapons in their car; even though medical students going to work inside Florida hospitals that later killed a Bee Gee would not need any weapons at all to breach all sorts of hospital security.

When the phone rang the first time it was just the station manager. He was calling to say that someone who has given the station their name and address and phone number has called and said that there is also evidence that the FBI killed Chandra Levy. The station manager wanted to know if the show host wanted to speak with this person publicly at this time. The show host told the audience about it but just promised to follow up on it during a later broadcast after the current situation was resolved.

Finally the phone did ring and it was the President, who guaranteed that
he would order the FBI Director and Attorney General to accept the
Citizen’s Arrest and to prosecute accordingly.

Chapter Nine

Ellsworth Waldheim was found guilty as charged.

He was sentenced to only five months in prison and it was said he could
get out a lot sooner, maybe even in 50 days … but he had to turn over
80% the remaining and future money from the book to a fund for a
Presidents’ Theme Park… all of which made all the students and
everyone else satisfied that at least one issue in need of justice had finally been dealt with properly.

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