UNWINDING THE DAVID DUKE DESOLATION: A True and Shocking Tale Decloaking Duke Hypocrisy, Fraud, Perverse Opportunism and Evil Since 2009 (INTRODUCTION)


The story of the heroic unwinding in this book actually began with one specially needed 30th Anniversary October 1992 rendition of the Bob Dylan song, “My Back Pages”, centering on the Infant of Prague.

And the main part of the unwound story here actually ends with the latter half of another Dylan song, “Desolation Row”, also heroically centering on events that took place in Prague on April 24-25, 2009, eight days before the Feast of the Infant of Prague and while the Bush US missile plan still aimed at Russia from Prague.

This author thus hopes to soon be joined in this book by Bob Dylan himself, who deserves most all of the credit for whatever is positively produced here.

As for David Duke, who has taught American history in Europe, he has become only unrecognizably sinister since April, 2009.

So today it seems almost criminal to be silent amid his worldwide web broadcasts and to forego putting evidence of these changes into print.

Practically every day nowadays, and especially on worldwide web radio, Duke speaks the same hollow platitudes endorsing vigilant nationalism and diversity for all people of earth, most of whom, as an American History teacher, he knows nothing or next to nothing about… while always accusing his enemies of trying to “demonize” him. But since April, 2009, he has made many demonic inflammatory  videos on topics he never would touch and even about movies he never would watch, sometimes even using language he never used before.

So what has happened to the seemingly clean and relatively humble hometown David Duke whom the people of Louisiana once trusted as their local representative?

He is not running for any office, yet he has chosen as his main web radio theme the theme song from “Tommy” envisioning millions of followers for whom he allegedly provides both truth and music (SIC) in return for “glory” upon himself (SIC!!!). Yet Duke always knew his best skills prior to 2009 were always representative and strictly empathic in capacity, rather than as a leader.

And his other radio theme song is almost equally ridiculous except that, after years of my bullying, it finally attempts to put Duke and friends on the anti-defamation side of Ayn Rand, which is truly wise given the Koran Sura “Light” and Stevie Wonder’s “Part Time Lover”, think the Light, song published while the Branden lie book was still being concocted, AND since bin Laden for years only called for Jihad when the Branden lie book was on Showtime. Still, since Nathaniel had to blow up his own professional sanctuary just to personally approach Ayn and Frank and their sanctuaried novels which were primarily devoted to teenagers, everyone knows she always had a lot more than “no Nathaniel no” to say against any of the Brandens’ attempts at corruption of minors.

Meanwhile, Duke since 2009 censors all of his Youtube comments and blocks out anyone who criticizes him there, while he brags also on the radio of how well his Youtube videos are appreciated.

To a recent critic at Stormfront, however, Duke wrote in December, 2011, in a way most descriptive of his current mindset:

” You have given not a given fingernail to our people compared to the life I have given to our people….You don’t understand how to move the masses, you have no knowledge of psychology in awakening people and motivating people, you have no recognition of the men and women who have truly accomplished the most, for the longest time, with the least resources…there are too many of your type of disgruntled failures who want to put down the few of us who are actually accomplishing something! “

Meanwhile this new “psych-em” foaming self proclaimed white martyr David Duke truly does not accomplish much of anything at all in reality, nor can he.

The baggage he now carries around is devoid of humility, spewing with hypocrisy, court fraud, and Divine insult and is constantly accompanied by serious evil.

Since there is so little difference between his current approaches and those of Hitler, he must be constantly vexed at why he makes so little difference by psych-comparison.

Well, and if it makes it worse for him to remember, I will remind him of his “GREAT” September 2010 Presidential Road Tour kickoff, where he got only as far as Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, where less than 20 people showed up… because Bob Dylan got there a few days earlier and played with an anti-racist banner for thousands.

After that Duke abandoned the campaign and left the USA, stopping at the Florida Keys apparently only to be sure he’d get back in. And that was the end of his 2012 Presidential quest.

Since he still refuses to sue the Czech Republic for (for example) false arrest, defamation, assault, battery, fraud and violations of international law and free speech, and for the right to visit the Shrine in Prague at least once a year despite deportation, all of which would have spared him from arrest in Germany, whatever will he do now that this book is being written?

However , since he truly has been very demon-like since the Prague attack, maybe he will soon find enough sense to sue for the serious damages he has suffered while also caring for the real rights of others, and hopefully this book will assist him toward that goal.

The two Dylan songs are:


The first is a rare and amazing rendition performed only once during the 30th Anniversary concert celebrations.

The second refers to the Duke arrest in Prague, which also coincided in time exactly with the impossible finding of Probable Cause against Guandique in the Chandra Levy murder case, where Guandique had public defenders and therefore had no non-conflicted lawyer for a 2001 murder done while the FBI and Police were sponsoring Matt Hale from 1999 until 2002. It is also true that around June-July 2009 Czech agents harassed Duke friends and even lawyers while trying  to find something to charge Duke with. The lovely mermaids definitely refer to Chandra Levy and perhaps also to Natalee Holloway in perhaps another unwinding yet to be revealed. And the broken doorknob ending refers to the fact that Duke, who was let in to speak, remained deported even after receiving the September, 2009, letter promising that all ideas of charges and prosecution were abandoned since he violated no laws. Meanwhile, although this chained up copyrighted conclusion was guaranteed from the April beginning even by the copyright protectorate Holy Koran, and Duke could therefore have sued immediately even in April since no charges could be found or stated and I said so, ALL PROOFS of this including Dylan’s exceptionally Holy Infant POWERED and Safe Proof were and till are, however, censored and deleted by both Stormfront moderators and Youtube. So no less than five months after arrest were spent by Duke amid media interviews defaming the procedural requisites and nature of Courts but tending to make Duke feel always more secure about winning a prosecution that in reality could never lawfully happen.

The result  thus became a David Duke who believed he could be President without suing and who apparently still believes that this kind of empty posturing and Court insult can be of some value to someone somewhere.

But light does not fit under bushel baskets and so, just about a day after I edited this on 2/7, new Duke demonics began on 2/8 and resulted in the three OPEN LETTER videos posted at dolliefront1 at Youtube on the morning of 2/9. All three are the same open letter and just have different music audio; and all will be uploaded here later today but, for now, the one with only fair use excerpts of Al Stewart’s “Time Passages” that is being illiterately Moonieblocked even in the USA at Youtube is the third one which I promised to put here right away:

WELL LUCKY ME / US !!! At this very minute the Dr.McDanger Duke bread boycott is on Rense Radio with a wheat geneticist who likes him AND who at least had the decency to fast talk his way through the intro by explaining his only REAL problem with wheat today. And it is NOT scientific but (sic) commercial (sic) insofar as he as a scientist has NO IDEA how far a grain of wheat can be biologically altered and still LEGALLY be sold as “wheat” to consumers.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? As someone who knows that people today everywhere live a lot longer than they did when even Jesus Himself was multiplying loaves and fishes and handing the original suff out Himself, I would ordinarily like to call in a show like THAT and answer this cyclops’s question by saying “INFINITELY” since BREAD already HAS a Daddy and we have an FDA. So if it looks like wheat and tastes like wheat and can form bread it can still be called a “wheat” product or “processed wheat” as long as people who eat it for fifty days or even just a month do not suddenly die or get seriously ill from poisoning.

Meanwhile, this is supposed to be just the Introduction to a worthwhile book.

And so before MCDANGER thinks up a new waste of time distraction, always demonically governed to try to void all Judgments and Courts to try to free the already Judged, I would like to assure everybody that in the pages that follow there will be a true story of a brief and simple SEALED Court case in Connecticut, since this world is neither ancient Babylon nor Roman occupied Palestine, where both the abomination and its desolation were completely fulfilled and ended totally safely and without any destructive danger at all in 1995.

In fact, with Duke on Contract, I called the case: “The Not This Time Charlemagne Case For Ayn Rand Oola’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Dolly.”

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