March 4, 2013

Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance, Jr.
Office of the Claims Commissioner
State of Connecticut
999 Asylum Avenue, Suite 204
Hartford, CT 06105
Via Certified Mail


Jill Doe,
a minor child of six years of age and a resident of Newtown, Connecticut, by and through her parents John and Jane Doe,
both residents of Newtown, Connecticut


December 14, 2012, events Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut


During the morning of December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, with one or more semi-automatic weapons, including a .223 caliber Bushmaster, walked into a classroom, and proceeded to shoot and kill twenty children and six adults. Claimant-minor child Jill Doe was a student on the premises who heard all of the subject events as they were occurring, including conversations, gunfire, and screaming, and including so much of said events as were being transmitted through an intercom or public address system in the school.

The State Board of Education, Connecticut Department of Education, State Commissioner of Education and the Offices of the Connecticut State Attorney General with regard to Richard Blumenthal and Kevin Mullane, failed to take steps to protect said minor child from foreseeable harm.

The absense of any word that might define and thereby limit what we know as “education” in the United States Constitution clearly leaves such necessary and technically undefinable cherished processes up to States and to the People by the Tenth Amendment.  But by said manifest omission there has still always remained over our educational endeavors the Safeguarding Power of at least the Promotion of the General Welfare and the Securing of the Blessings of Liberty guaranteed by the Preamble of the Constitution.

When Matt Hale was finally arrested in 2003 for conspiring to murder a Judge, his whole violent and murderous war agaist Courts background since 1999 finally became available for Conecticut residents to read on the Internet.
Such was not the case when Hale visited Connecticut in early 2001 advertised around local schools as if merely a racist preacher claiming First Amendment rights.
It was an abuse of youth by blockading parental rights unlike anything in U.S. history. In 2001 no parent or youth could find anything at all on the Internet or in the Press about Hale’s war on Courts plans to make friends cross-country so as to try to riot his way into the Illinois Bar which rightly denied him admisssion in 1999.
And no parent or youth could then read anything of the events that took place in Illinois on July 3rd and 4th in 1999, when Hale announced his war on Courts and became at least an accessory to two murders and multiple injuries to minority groups inflicted by a drive-by shooter former comrade in both Illinois and Indiana while Hale’s so-called Church tape called upon his followers to get even against minorities for making Courts too lenient. The murder of the drive-by shooter, who was trying to get Hale arrested that day, was later staged as a suicide.
Instead Hale, who was never arrested by Illinois Police or by the FBI in 1999, and who thereafter was even made to seeem like a safe Police “pet” for almost two years, was actually safeguarded by Connecticut Police; all with the acquiescence of Governor Rowland and then Attorney General Blumenthal and his assistant Kevin Mullane, despite their full awareness of Hale’s manifest consumer fraud and crooked agendas.
Hale should have been arrested for fraud and attempted corruption of the morals of minors as soon as he entered the State of Connecticut; but this was not done.
To the Connecticut public, it may have seemed that aside from the unsolved crime of a theft of $500.00 from the New York Deli on Albany Avenue in Hartford, the Hale visit caused no real harm to anyone here; but the public did not know that a gun had been planted for Connecticut children to find in plain view but had been taken by a hero who was not only arrested for this but was actually hit by his Public Defender to force acceptance of a brutally unfair plea bargain in April 2001: thus clearly demonstrating that nearly two years of this Federal, State and Local Police “safe” sponsored clear and present Hale danger had forced Public Defenders into a conflict of interest in Hale related cases.
Chandra Levy soon went missing on May 3, 2001, in D.C. and was apparently killed the same day. A few days later, Ingmar Guandique began assaulting women but did not hide his face or chase when they ran. He was convicted but in fact may have been trying to figure out what happened to Chandra. He was later convicted a second time for the murder; and apparently never had non-conflicted counsel. An Appeal is in process.
Meanwhile, the 9-11 hijackers began coming to the U.S. after Hale was not arrested in 1999 and continued until after the Levy murder. Their mission, according to video of Ramzi with Osama, was to define and stop a corruption Osama would have sensed as a corrupt police war on Courts to free the already Judged. It was “Egyptian Jihad” (sic) that translated this into mass murder on 9-11.
After Hale was arrested in 2003, the entire family of the Judge he targeted was murdered; and another alleged suicide was staged to put blame on a disgruntled Plainiff.
One final note is that the impossible conviction of Guandique was immediately followed by inexplicable outbreaks of Muslim police  brutality which were invariably blamed on Heads of State, thus causing several still ongoing revolutions; none of which might have happened if a few private planes had just hit the top floors of the FBI building at night while killing no one… which is all Osama would have approved.
Clearly some serious disciplinary reprimand or disbarment of at least Attorney General Blumenthal and his assistant Kevin Mullane, now on his Senate staff, should have issued immediately when the facts of the Hale matter became accessible to all.
It was an unprecedented debacle of corruption aimed at school chilren and parents.
Governor Rowland also should have been impeached and prosecuted and Police Departments that should have made the Connecticut arrest but did not should also have been docked at least two days pay for the two days Hale was here.
In addition to these remedies, which should still be  pursued; some token gun legislation would also have been appropriate years ago to restore and secure normalcy in the State.


In Aurora, Colorado,  PhD candidate and accused 2012 movie theater shooter James Holmes was only six years old when the Vatican decided to confer Knighthood in 1994 on Kurt Waldheim who had been excluded as persona non grata from the U.S. since the early 1980′s due to his nazi past.
Without regard for U.S. Sovereign preferences, the Vatican also then proceeded to arrange for U.S. Papal visits from 1995 thrugh 2000 while offering absolutely no written guarantee that during each such visit the Knight Waldheim would be left elsewhere.
Accordingly, school shootings began with James Rouse in Tennessee after the October 1995 Papal visit which also coincided with the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Rabin.
Thereafter, at each and every announcement of a further Papal visit, or during the course of such visit, through the year 2000, one student, usually an Honor student, would bring a gun into school and shoot one or more teachers and/or students.
On information and belief neither James Rouse nor any of the other student shooters claimed to know of any reason for their actions.
After Waldheim died in 2007, President Bush allowed one Papal visit in 2008; again requiring no written promise that the now deceased Knight Waldheim would be left elsewhere.
But on the day the Pope landed in 2008, a student in Chesterfield, South Carolina, tried to burn down the school.
Because the United States has no Holy City or place of Sign Devotion or Pilgrimage such as Guadalupe or Prague that could compel Papal attendance, Papal visits here are never an absolute necessity. It is therefore a simple matter for the U.S. Attorney General or Solicitor General or the President or Congress to require an individually signed promise that the Knight Waldheim will not accompany each and every further Papal visit that may ever be arranged.
This has never been done and should be done. And the recent Papal abdication may well be due to clear Papal-Vatican liabiliy to the Aurora victims.

After 1987, in most U.S. school districts, two books which helped all students excel in many subjects and also removed even the idea of any need for physically violent weapons from youths and their respective communities, and which had been required reading in the eighth through tenth grades in most U.S. schools since the late 1950′s, ominously disappeared even from school libraries. These romantic novels, which had been a joy to teach and which had enlightened the lives of the generation of Stevie Wonder in public schools, were actually written primarily for the self development of teenagers everywhere for all time rather than for voters or politicians; although it was these same books which invigorated and inspired Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the U.S. Congress to finally secure all Civil Rights by enabling redress of grievances through the Commerce Clause.
The books are “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. And the Stevie Wonder generation knew the author loved this country and our Constitution and wrote the books here; and also knew that she was probably exemplifying Thirteenth Amendment based Nation of Islam abstract ethics in “Atlas Shrugged”, although she called her philosophy “objectivism” for those who desired further study without changing Religion or without any Religion entanglement at all.
But these books disappeared from practically all public schools in 1987 after the sudden publication of a completely untrue scandalous racket against her romanticism claiming to be true… long after Ayn Rand exited in 1982.
It was a robbery lie against all children which teachers could not work around if at all true; and in fact it seemed aimed at actually endangering the safety of the public schools; which is why some form of Arrest Warrant for attempted corruption of the morals of minors could and should have been issued by each State and the F.B.I. against Barbara Branden immediately and to date.
Youth like Stevie Wonder raised on “Atlas” in early teens had little or nothing at all in common with Ayn’s seemingly cerebral older “objectivist” entourage who were already about 30 years old when “Atlas” was first published in 1957.  And since “Atlas” was sold worldwide more than any book other than The Bible, all her young teen fans were correctly confident that she and her husband had sufficient funds and so must have enjoyed just about every morally tangential endeavor that ever was of interest to any two or more Americans… well outside the range of interest and knowlege of the small group that became her Estate in 1982 even after she repeatedly stated in television interviews that she only trusts children.
Accordingly, in 1981 before her exit, together with  the Stevie generation, Ayn became a half partner in a draft book which was focused on protected fair use of rock music and elementary religion that raced blindfolded against a Mideast arms buildup and stopped a Mideast war n 1981 while still in draft … by being freely distributed where needed at the United Nations. Since there was thus no need for formal publication until much later, such as the current decade, she also helped rescue pandas. None of this seemed significant to her Estate, however, which recommended after 1987 that “Atlas” be read only in college anyway which compounded the robbery against schools.
If a crazed author wrote a lie book claiming to have  (forged) evidence that Lincoln made secret money trading slaves in another hemisphere, surely an Arrest Warrant would issue not for the lie but for trying to destabilize the Thirteenth Amendment among school youth with a lie. Similarly, blockading the Ayn Rand books from schools with a lie not only deprives children generally but also destabilizes their Civil Rights understanding and undermines their most perfect school sanctuaries where personal violence is relegated to predatory animals and insects.
But no such attempted corruption of morals Warrant has ever been issued despite numerous proofs the Branden lie book is a lie aimed at harming school youth.
The first proof arrived from Stevie Wonder himself while the lie book was still being written and concocted (!)
In his “Part Time Lover”, published before the lie book, Stevie and Ayn and friends are “under cover passion on the run”, fleeing the still cooking lie book as from a serpent bite in Genesis. He also sings, “If she’s with me I think ‘The Light’”, emphasizing that in the Muslim Koran Sura “The Light” such scandal against a married woman without four witnesses is pervasively blasphemous.
This totally blindfolded devotion to the fidelity and romanticism between Ayn and her husband was repeated ten years later in the mid-1990′s when the Branden lie book was made into a cheap and perverse boring movie that began appearing on the Showtime TV channel until it suddenly disappeared off the air in late 2000. Although Osama bin Laden had never even heard of Ayn Rand, or Showtime TV, it soon became known to the U.S. State Department that he only used the word “Jihad” in a speech if the lie movie was on TV the prior evening. This went on for years, like clockwork, until late 2000.
Such blindfolded adherence to honor and to reality and truth clearly attest to why some Court somewhere should have at least insured the truth perspective, even if the liar might ultimately escape liability for insufficient proof of school targeting.
And in 2005, during Jury selection in the Michael Jackson criminal trial, another proof emerged.
Michael Jackson had built Neverland for child safety and even for cures of children and obviously was himself like a child there. But Nathaniel Branden in California had torn down his multi page website after the Michael Jackson arrest and was rebuilding it to coincide with the Jury selection… leaving only one page visible before selection began: and on that page appeared only Branden’s head looking like a Napster logo without headphones amid clouds.
Meanwhile, the already adjudicated Napster case had been totally silent as to First Amendment protected fair use and comment and was thereby already robbing children of their feelings of free access to the very same means whereby Ayn Rand herself had helped stop a war in 1981. And this time the “innuendo capitalist” (sic) Branden team apparently also hoped to corrupt and invade the Jury Sanctuary with innuendo against Michael.
The Branden plan did not work. Music people helped shield the Court and Jury and Michael’s innocent rights and religion to the tune of Bob Dylan’s,  “All Along The Watchtower”, so the Daniel 7 Brandens were totally barricaded. It was 2005 and the children seemed safer. Michael Jackson was acquitted; but there were still no outstanding Branden arrest Warrants, no Knight Waldheim lockout law, and Hale was still never even prosecuted for his 1999 war on Courts events and murders. Forty days after the now abdicated Ratzinger ended his Knight Waldheim tour of Israel, including a visit to the top of Temple Mount on Stevie Wonder’s birthday, Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009.

While the Claimant supports any new gun regulations the Courts find appropriate, it is specifically requested that violent and bloodthirsty video games be not allowed in schools. Unlike horror in movies or television, where eyelids can close out anything unwelcome, bloodthirsty video games that require staring to be played should be deemed inappropriate on school grounds.

The Claimant supports any new gun regulations the Courts find appropriate.
It is not known what may have led Adam Lanza to the shootings. Since his mother was shot in the face and head, they may have argued about fascism without knowing the gun was loaded at first. And maybe the entire argument centered on the way Governor Cuomo did not authorize several extra Assistant Lieutenant Governors under the Disabilities Act for Governor Patterson just for six months to allow him to campaign for re-election; and yet now, after Hurricane Sandy, Cuomo seems able to masquerade a way to appear caring.
If Governor Cuomo had been Federally prosecuted, maybe all the Sandy Hook and Newtown events could have been avoided.

The State Board of Education, Connecticut Department of Education, State Commissioner of Education and the Offices of the Connecticut State Attorney General with regard to Richard Blumenthal and Kevin Mullane, failed to take steps to protect said minor child from foreseeable harm in ways including, but not limited to, failure to provide a safe school setting at Sandy Hook Elementary School; failure to determine whether the Newtown Board of Education had provided a safe school setting at said school; failure to take steps to insure that the Newtown Board of Education had in fact provided a safe school setting; failure to review and carefully scrutinize annual Strategic School Profile Reports of both the Newtown School District and Sandy Hook Elementary School and other submissions with respect to student safety and emergency response planning and protocol; failure to require Sandy Hook Elementary School and Newtown Board of Education to formulate and implement an effective student safety emergency response plan and protocol.
As a consequence, the claimant-minor child has sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury, the nature and extent of which are yet to be determined.

AMOUNT REQUESTED: One Hundred Million Dollars

In light of the aforesaid claimant, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 4-147, hereby respectfully requests permission to sue the State of Connecticut.
A check in the amount of Fifty ($50.00) Dollars, made payable to Treasurer, State of Connecticut, accompanies this Notice and Request. This Notice and Request has been filed in duplicate.
Dated at New Haven, Connecticut, this       day of   March , 2013.




My 2 caveat wiki paragraphs did not edit or change one word by anyone but added true perspective regarding the Holy Infant of Prague


Here are the 2 caveat paragraphs to which I now add a Papal third:

History Caveat Wiki – It should be noted that until the late 1980’s this Holy Sign Icon was practically universally known without using the name of Jesus, as The Infant of Prague, in exact fulfillment of Hosea 2:16-17. Also, the only truly known origin of the hand-less Icon, a pile of rubble after the Thirty Years War, was later verified and supported in the nineteenth century by the events at Lourdes, France, around a pile of rubble. There have also been repeated fabricated attempts to base this powerful Holy Self-made miraculous Sign-Icon of Prague in Spain, because the timing of its discovery and Hosea fulfillment contradicts the anti-Semitic text then being prepared by Mary of Agreda in Spain solely to try to sell an apocryphal, scandalous, sinfully violative of the first two Commandments and therefore impossible name, “Joakim”, for the father of Mary already 1000 years honorably secured as Levite “Amram” by the Holy Qoran.

Papal Caveat Wiki (again) – Firstly, it should be noted in regard to the so-called Ratzinger “coronation” that for this event the hair on the Prague Holy Icon was painted unprecedented non-Jewish, non-Jacob (Genesis 25:21 et seq.), red. Also, the September 2009 event itself either never officially took place or could not last becase the Sanctuary of The Infant of Prague had been violated in April, 2009. Apparently Ratzinger had not cared to notice this. But when the Czech Republic rightly excluded/deported from Czech territory David Duke as undesirable or even dangerous in late April, 2009, it neither then nor thereafter made any provision for the human rights of Duke (who had actually kept an image of the Infant of Prague on his website the whole time he was getting his PhD), to obtain even a limited and guarded day pass access to the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine Sanctuary, which is not “Czech Territory”. No one has sued the Czech government or the Vatican over this yet.

(Papal caveat contiued): But of course Ratzinger did not notice the April Prague Sabctuary violation as he wormed his way, with his Knight Waldheim, into the Holy Mosque on Temple Mount two weeks later on May 13, 2009. He did not see the Bob Dylan song, “Desolation Row”, copyright chain from the nailed curtains to the broken doorknob, either, nor did he notice that the entire April event coincided exactly with the impossible finding of “probable cause” against Ingmar Guandique for the May 2001 Chandra Levy murder done by the Matt Hale/Knight Waldheim sponsoring FBI. How could he notice these instant replay basics when he never believed how anti-Semitic Mary of Agreda was told off in 1650 from a pile of rubble? Nobody messes with the Hosea 2: 16-17 abstract “Atlas Shrugged” Holy Infant.

After repeat deletions I added:

TO Maurauder40 et al: I am not a vandal. I am a lawyer. If you will stop deleting my LEGAL and SAFE Scripturally proven needed caveats, I will stop deleting your COMPLETELY MISLEADING Daniel 7 murder racket propaganda. You will please also note that I do not NEED to delete “your” lying junk to be understood. It is YOU who delete and call mine “unconstructive”. OF WHAT? Murder rackets or phoney Catholicism?

See how they need to get away with anti-Semitic lies by blocking objectivity




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